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Q – What exactly does Propeller Head Software, Inc. do?
A – Propeller Head Software, Inc. designs, develops and hosts web based database applications. We currently have three "off the shelf" solutions that target specific niche markets and we have over 100 other custom database applications.

Q - How long has Propeller Head Software, Inc. been in business?
A – Propeller Head Software has been in business since 1994. As a testament to our stability, we have survived the "Tech Bubble" and the current economic conditions. We will be here when you need us.

Q - How do you license your products?
A – Most of our solutions are licensed using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and is based on the number of unique named users required. This means you purchase an annual license for our software and access it through the Internet. We host the data on our high speed, secure servers and you can access it from any Internet connected computer.

Q - How many clients use your products?
A – Across all of our products lines, we have had several hundreds of clients over the years and are continually adding new clients on a regular basis.

Q – Who owns Propeller Head Software, Inc.?
A – Propeller Head Software, Inc. is a privately held company owned by Russ Brasher and Frank Botdorf.

Q – Why should we do business with Propeller Head Software, Inc.?
A – We are a stable and growing company with a successful track record. Propeller Head Software, Inc.’s management team believes in the utmost ethical business practices. We view our relationship with our clients as business partners – not just technology vendors. As a result, we have a vested interested to see that you are successful. Our breadth of experience across a long – long list of industries provides a unique perspective on which to offer technology solutions.